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The HUNDRED Languages of Children:
a worldwide famous exhibit

Children have a hundred languages and they want to use them all.
They learn very soon how difficult it is for this right to be recognized and above all respected.

First conceived by Loris Malaguzzi and his closest associates, this exhibit is rooted in the forty years of experience of the educational institutions operated by the Municipality of Reggio Emilia. The exhibit bears witness to the originality and the extraordinary nature of the years of research that have led the Reggio infant-toddler centers and preschools to become a primary point of reference for those who work in early childhood education worldwide.
Twenty years of touring, five editions of the European version and the duplication of the exhibit in 1987 for a North American version, many showings throughout Europe and across the ocean, hundreds of thousands of visitors of all nationalities

  The HUNDRED LANGUAGES of Children  
The experience is based on incessant research and action that take place with a chorus of many voices, many hands, and many intelligences, the center of which is the image of a child who is competent in building knowledge and a constant seeker of meanings.
To speak to the world about children's infinite wealth of potential, their ability to wonder and investigate, their ability to co-construct their knowledge through active and original relational processes: this has always been the primary objective of the exhibit. The use of a variety of communicative media was motivated by the need to highlight as clearly as possible the image of the child and the evolution of the educational research that was and continues to be developed in the infant-toddler centers and preschools of Reggio Emilia.
This exhibit tells the story of an educational adventure which for many years has interwoven the experiences, thoughts, discussions, theoretical research, ethical and social ideals of many generations of children, teachers, and parents. And also of friends, both in Italy and abroad. It is an unfinished story, made visible by the exhibit, that seeks wider spaces for reflection and the comparison of ideas.


The HUNDRED languages of CHILDREN

The amusement park for birds : a fountain

The shadow play

Colours in our hands

Crowd in clay


Waste material: a Horse

Words and thoughts
"A journey into the Rights of Children
as seen by themselves"



"Children have to know things. It's better to know things instead of things happening without knowing them" "When a child wants to discuss something, the others have to listen to him, it's his right. If not, he gets mad."
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